Video Interviews

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Collection of video interviews, mainly with internationally acclaimed artists discussing their work.

  • Paul Karslake
    Paul Karslake
    Interview with acclaimed artist Paul Karslake as he discusses art and presents renditions of  John Lennon, Clint Eastwood and Keith Richards in Outside the Square Gallery, Margate, Kent, UK..
  • Christian Furr
    Christian Furr
    Interview with international acclaimed artist Christian Furr. Furr, who is the youngest ever artist to officially paint Queen Elizabeth II back in 1995, presents his collection of still life cheese paintings at Outside the Square Gallery.
  • Gill Parker Interview
    Gill Parker Interview
    Gill Parker Interview – UK’s leading bronze sculpture artist Gill Parker discusses her art & inspirations at Outside the Square Gallery located in Margate, Kent.
  • Renate Buckley Art
    Renate Buckley Art
    This is a thank you video for my friend and artist Renate Buckley.
  • Paul James
    Paul James
    Interview with acclaimed artist and musician Paul James at Outside the Square Gallery.
  • Renate Buckley
    Renate Buckley
    Interview with acclaimed Latvian artist Renate Buckley at Outside the Square Gallery. Renate talks art and presents her renditions of Kate Moss and The Girl with a Pearl Earring.
  • Renate Buckley
    Renate Buckley
    Interview with acclaimed Latvian artist Renate Buckley as she discusses a variety of her artwork in Outside the Square Gallery in Margate, Kent, UK.