About Me

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Well this is the about me part where I sell myself like an eBay item, filling the page with meaningless words on how amazing I am at what I do. Let’s not forget the awesome image of myself, that’s been photoshopped with no imperfections, because in real life I actually do look like a magazine cover, fact!  But I wouldn’t want to submit you to that boring stuff… well maybe just a little bit. Hello I am Patrick Irving and welcome to my website.

I was born in 1988 in Kent, UK – the garden of England, a place known for fruit and angry farmers.  Since early childhood I have always had an obsession with films, pretty much watching everything. You know those really badly dubbed 1970’s Kung-Fu movies and cheesy Sci-Fi B-movies… yep, I was one of those kids that watched all those low budget flicks.  My brain is a like movie bible of knowledge, inspiring me with ideas through hours of watching.

I currently work as a freelance videographer and filmmaker. I formerly owned independent video production company called Eyes Alive! Productions (April 2013 – October 2014) and also worked within  various production roles for a media company  in Thailand.  I have produced, directed, filmed and edited various projects over the years, everything from short films, music videos, promos, corporate videos, event filming and much more. I am pretty much a chameleon of video production, blending my skills to many areas.

I am quite tall, love tattoos, photography, graphic t-shirts and have an addiction to ice cream. My best ideas come when I sleep, dreaming in my own endless imagination. This website showcases some of my projects, giving you a taster of my creativity.  Think, sleep, live film…… enjoy!

Street Fighter 2 (Patrick Irving Film Edition) from Patrick Irving on Vimeo.